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Hair color question

What chemical services history in the last 5 years? ex: professional color, at home color, permanent color, semi/demi color, vivid color, chemical straightner, henna, perm. Remember, even if you had highlights and colored it over. The color history is still in your hair unless it has been cut out. Please be very descriptive.

Hair color

Tell me about your ultimate DREAM hair. Be completely open and honest. You may be surprised what you will be able to have. What colors are you drawn to? What styles make your heart melt? What makes you sing whenever you see someones hair. Please be very specific.

Thanks for submitting!

Follow the instructions below and upload your photos.
1. Must be a photo of your current hair. 2. Use your cellphone. (Professional images are too large to upload to our form.
3. For best results have someone take photos for you. (no selfies)
4. Take indoors in natural lighting. (no flashes or direct sunlight)
5. Take 2 photos: front and back
6. Send atleast 2 inspirational photos. (images of what you are trying to acheive)

Upload your pictures please

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